Vivier Investments is a company specialising in investments for select investors who seek sustained growth over the long-term.


We invest only in projects where we have the final say in how they are managed.

We prefer to develop new projects, although we are currently investing in existing projects if they meet Vivier’s investment criteria.

We primarily focus on the European markets with regard to land & property development as well as commercial office, residential and retail investments.

  • Vivier’s growth will greatly depend on our ability to substantially increase the value of our investments. This is another reason why we must be able to focus on them in greater detail and for a longer time. We are gradually becoming more selective with our investments, but our deals are getting bigger and we want to develop and hold on to these investments for a significantly longer time than we have in the past.

    Luigi Wewege, Chief Executive Officer

Vivier Leadership

Our management constitutes a diverse group, well equipped to carry out its functions as a governing body on behalf of all stakeholders. It is led by a group of the organisation’s most senior managers who are responsible for the long-term success of the company.



Gary P. Warner


Victor von Gierszewski
Deputy Chairman


Luigi Wewege
Chief Executive Officer


Oscar Mendoza
Chief Financial Officer


Thomas G. Daly
Chief Operations Officer