Vivier Investments – Services

After handpicking the most attractive investment options available in New Zealand and through our network of carefully selected partnerships and relationships, we are able to offer a variety of options that would suit most peoples’ interests and intentions when looking at such investment options. We endeavour to bring all our clients’ service needs and requirements, related to their applications for these investment options, under one roof. Using our services will make your application process and ongoing investment maintenance (where necessary) as hassle free and cost competitive as possible.

We have ensured that our partner companies are the best in their fields and seek to negotiate a bulk discount for our clients for the services that the partner companies render to them. The local knowledge, infrastructure and network that the specific partner companies supply for a specific investment option, bring to our offering a great benefit to the client. We manage each partner company and contract into agreement with the same service levels that we expect from ourselves.

We listen to each of our clients’ needs and try to understand exactly what they are looking for, often assisting them in getting a better understanding of what they are wanting than they did prior to speaking to us. From there we will take the client through the specific options that might be suitable to the client, talking through the pro’s and con’s and finally coming to a conclusion on which option is most suitable for them.

From there we take the client through the whole process, beginning to end – from collection of application and supporting documentation and providing specific service providers that assist in this task, through to the final submission with the government departments and country specific requirements and offerings i.e. such as financing the capital investment in government bonds through pre-approved institutions.

Our client relationships and service levels are paramount to our success and have made us market leaders in investment options that we believe in and offer to our client base.

Investor business migration visas are for investors who want to gain residence in New Zealand.

The Investor Visa (Investor 2 Category) is an option if you plan to invest a minimum of NZD1.5 million over a four year period. If you’re looking to invest NZD10 million or more then the Investor Plus Visa (Investor 1 Category) could be a better option. Below are the main differences between these two options.

Criteria for approval

You’ll need to provide verifiable evidence that you meet the following criteria:


You can nominate a mix of funds and/or assets to invest. They must be equivalent to at least NZD1.5 million for Investor or NZD10 million for Investor Plus, though you may nominate more, depending on the points claimed in your Expression of Interest.

You’ll need to provide evidence showing that your investment and settlement funds and/or assets are owned by you or jointly by you and your partner and/or dependent children.

You’ll also need to provide evidence showing that your intended investment funds:

  • Are unencumbered, ie. not subject to any mortgage, lien, charge and/or encumbrance (whether equitable or otherwise) or any other creditor claims

  • Have been earned or acquired legally

  • Are transferable through the banking system, or through a foreign exchange company that uses the banking system (Immigration New Zealand will not be able to approve your application if you are unable to transfer funds to New Zealand through the banking system).

If you’re applying under the Investor Category you’ll also need to own settlement funds and/or assets of at least NZD1 million.

If you’re interested in combining business with lifestyle by gaining an investor visa, the opportunities you take up must fit the ‘acceptable investment’ criteria. Broadly speaking, acceptable investments can be:

  • Equity in NZ firms, public or private. An equity investment can be active or passive and direct or via managed funds (only the proportion of the Fund that is invested in NZ is counted as acceptable)

  • Bonds, issued by the NZ Government, NZ local authorities or approved NZ banks, finance companies or firms.

  • New residential property development that is not for the investor’s personal use and designed to make a commercial return on the open market.

Generally, to be considered acceptable an investment must:

  • Be capable of a commercial return under normal circumstances

  • Be invested in New Zealand in New Zealand currency

  • Have the potential to contribute to New Zealand’s economy

  • Not be for the personal use of the investor

If your residence is approved in principle

With either category you’ll have 12 months to transfer your investment funds in an acceptable investment in New Zealand. You’ll need to provide verifiable documents to show that the funds you transfer to New Zealand came from the funds and/or assets that you nominate.

You can apply to have this timeframe extended and you can also apply for a work visa so you can travel to New Zealand to look into investment opportunities.

After residence is approved

For the Investor Plus Category you’ll need to keep your investment funds in an acceptable investment for three years. You’ll also have to spend at least 44 days in New Zealand each year in years two and three of your three-year investment period.

For the Investor Category you’ll need to keep your investment funds in an acceptable investment for four years. You will also have to spend at least 146 days each year in New Zealand in years two, three and four of your four-year investment period.