What We Do

We are an investment company specialising in investments for selected investors who seek long-term growth and only invest in projects where we have the final say in how they are managed. We prefer to develop new projects, although we are currently investing in existing projects if they meet Vivier’s investment criteria. Primarily we focus on the European markets with regard to land & property development as well as commercial office, residential and retail investments.


We apply our highly experienced team, a combination of experts with extensive financial experience across many sectors, underpinned by conservative and risk-averse business practices towards helping manage, preserve & enhance our investments.


Our clients’ investments are our number one priority, and we maintain a high degree of management attention to ensure those investments are secure, at the same time offering some of the best returns available.


We believe you'll find that our global perspective, unique team approach & tailored solutions not only distinguish us from other private investment firms, but provide you with the kind of financial expertise, performance and security you require in the ongoing management of your investments.